What are AgroDomes TM ?

AgroDomesTM are naturally-cooled hyperscale data centers contained in unique dome structures which capture heat generated from all types of computer servers. This makes the heat available for adjacent greenhouses and allows for highly economical agricultural operations 12 months a year, even in harsh environments.

Each AgroDomeTM generates approximately 3,300 BTU of heat per kilowatt per hour, meaning a 2-megawatt AgroDome can provide some 6.6 million BTU per hour for greenhouse operations.

Traditional servers are contained in AgroDomesTM‘ proprietary 6,000-watt negative pressure cabinets while other types of servers, such as ASIC or GPU miners, are mounted on negative pressure docking stations within the domes. These are all kept cool without any air conditioning using AgroDome’s proprietary passive-cooling ground-coupled heat-exchanger technology system.

AgroDomesTM Are Super Quiet

Thanks to the underground well that absorb most of the noise

The Proprietary Technology Behind AgroDomesTM

The AgroDomeTM system comprises of two integrally-connected technologies; AgroDomeTM heat stations and Positive Pressure greenhouses.

The AgroDomeTM Heat Station is a dome structure with highly innovative energy features which provide passive cooling using the ground as a natural source of cooled and dehumidified air. This means no air conditioning is required, even on hot, humid days. Airflow is induced through a chimney effect within the domes. Negative Pressure Cabinets and Server Mounts provide the mechanism to feed the cooled air to the servers. Heated air that exits the server is then captured within the dome which will act as a heat sump.

Heated dry air from the sump is then transferred to adjacent greenhouses which maintain a positive pressure environment. In addition to keeping greenhouses at optimal temperature according to the crop, this has two distinct advantages:

  • The positive pressure significantly reduces the entry of insects to the greenhouses
  • The dry air significantly reduces formation of dew, particularly at night, which reduces mold and mildew

Both of these factors help create a fully organic environment by reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides and fungicides.

100% Naturally Cooled

Servers cooled through natural passive cooling ground-coupled heat-exchanger (Canadian Well)

Temperature Study

AgroDomesTM has undertaken intensive temperature studies on the effect of temperature outside the dome on the ability to properly cool servers in the AgroDomeTM.  The result was a predictive tool which can predict computer chip operating temperatures based on outside temperature. Since hourly outside air temperature forecasts are provided by various government agencies, this data can be used for operational planning purposes.

Although the model can be used over a very wide temperature range, for practical purposes the focus is chip operating temperatures based on outside air temperatures ranging from 20-40oC (68-104oF).

The results show that even at temperature extremes, the AgroDomeTM cooling technology keeps the chips well below their preventative shutoff temperature.

Download the AgroDomesTM White Paper