The Future of Year-Round Sustainable Agriculture

Economical Heat for Greenhouses

AgroDomesTM is a patent pending technology


Heat Stations for Greehouses

Low Cost Hyperscale Tier 3 Data Center and Blockchain Operations Providing Economical Heat for Agricultural Applications

Replicable and modular design for rapid construction and deployment.

Key Features

Tier 3 Uptime

6-8 Week Construction

(after electrical servicing)

No Primary Or Redundant Air Conditioning Needed To Cool Servers

Servers Cooled Through Natural Passive Cooling Ground-Coupled Heat-Exchanger

Canadian well technology

Air Dehumidified In The Process

High Density Negative Pressure Server Cabinets

6,000 watts with redundant feed

Data Center Redundancy Architectures

Uptime Institute N+1 specification compliant

Greenest And Most Sustainable Technology Available

Heat Generated By Servers Used For Adjacent Greenhouses

Available High Security Configuration

A Sustainable Business

The business case for AgroDomesTM is based on:

The Increasing Demand for Data Center Capacity

A Post-Pandemic Renewed Emphasis on Local Food Security

A Model for Sustainability


Negative Carbon Output

The AgroDomeTM technology is more than just a highly efficient use of energy – the agricultural operations of the greenhouses actually capture CO2 from air provided by the AgroDomesTM and converts it to oxygen. Combined with the AgroDome’s carbon-neutral source of electricity, this means that the AgroDome system actually reduces the amount of atmospheric carbon, making operations effectively carbon-negative.