Who are we

Benoit Laliberte

Chief Executive Officer

Benoit is one of the key visionaries and inventors of AgroDomesTM and has overseen all aspects of their development and implementation. Having entered hi-tech as a teenager, he has spent his life building leading-edge technology-based companies. A self-declared problem-solver, he loves a challenge and excels at finding innovative “out of the box” solutions to complex issues. Benoit’s keen instincts help him to successfully develop and implement business plans that focus on aggressive growth in sales and significant reduction of operating costs. In this way he is able to find business opportunities that others have missed.

Lawry Trevor-Deutsch, MSc MBA

Chief Sustainability Officer

Lawry has over 35 years’ experience in business development and feasibility analysis in both private and public sectors. With a passion for sustainable development, he holds an MBA and 2 degrees in biology. He has developed a unique ability to introduce sustainable insights into business and project planning. In 2006 he has assisted the World Bank in the planning of a new program to train senior managers on how to incorporate sustainability into their projects. In 2007 he completed and was awarded a LEAD International Fellowship (Leadership for Environment and Development - London, UK) and is currently on the Board of Directors of LEAD Canada. He has devoted much his time to the organization as part of his commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and has worked with LEAD to develop programs in idea generation and ethical decision making.

Patrick Paul

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick is a systems specialist with over 20 years’ experience working in Information Technology, supporting organizations of all sizes and sectors. This includes government agencies, universities and the private sector; from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He brings a wealth of skills to AgroDomesTM including web development, e-commerce platforms, cloud solutions and systems administration. With a passion for using innovation to find solutions for complex problems and applications, he has been a driving force behind the development of the AgroDomeTM technical backbone including systems automation, as well as the development of artificial intelligence to a number of AgroDomeTM processes.

Our story

The story of AgroDomesTM began in late 2017 when concern over electrical power consumption for data centers began to make the news. Not only was this consumption increasing, but it was becoming increasingly wasteful and often originating from high carbon electricity.

Drawing on the experience from our own telecommunications data centers, which themselves relied on massive air conditioning installations, we asked ourselves; why are we consuming so much power to cool air only for it heated up and then simply expelled into the atmosphere? It seemed a wasteful process all around.

So, we began to tackle the problem of cooling servers naturally. And since heat can also be a valuable energy source, we wondered how that heat could be used for other purposes.

The answer was the AgroDomeTM – a technology which significantly reduces energy inputs, capital and operating costs, while at the same time utilizes valuable energy that would simply be lost to the environment.