The Increasing Demand for Data Center Capacity

The demand for both traditional and ASIC/GPU-based data center capacity has exploded in the last few years, driven by the increased use of cloud services, smartphone applications and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the significant increase in demand for blockchain mining.

Data centers, which were once the domain of corporations have increased their reach to the consuming public, where remote storage, functionality and data-intensive applications such as social media, YouTube, etc. are now more and more part of an individual’s technical ecosystem.

A Post-Pandemic Renewed Emphasis on Local Food Security

The COVID-19 pandemic and effects of climate change have brought a renewed emphasis on local food security and sustainability.

Disruptions in agricultural supply chains due to labor shortages and unusual weather patterns has resulted in lower availability of certain products (especially imported items) and higher prices at the checkout.  As a result, governments realize – now more than ever – the importance of gaining control over food and keeping food supplies as local as possible.

A Model for Sustainability

AgroDomesTM are a model for sustainable business development, combining the ever-increasing demand for organic produce with the explosive increase in demand for data center capacity, as well as integrating the goal of reducing the distance of sourcing produce into a single symbiotic operation – minimizing the need for electricity while maximizing the commercial output.